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Online Marketing VS Offline Marketing

Millimeter Medias online marketing services cover the whole range of search marketing strategies. It can usually be broken down into:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The often most cost-efficient online marketing solution is without doubt Search Engine Optimisation or simply SEO as it's often called. High rankings in the organic results of Google, Yahoo and Bing can bring in a lot of efficient and relevant traffic.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click or simply Paid Search are the top placements in search engines you pay for. It's usually displayed as "sponsored listings". PPC can be very efficient online marketing for some sectors, but also very costly for others if not set-up properly.

Reputation Management

Are other websites writing things about your company that are negative and false? Relax! Do not contact them before talking to us. Millimeter Media give you valuable advice and help you manage your reputation online and maintain its value.

Affiliate Marketing

Clever affiliate marketing can help to drive sales to your company for a relative small cost, with many other positive side effects.

Banner Advertising

The importance of visibility and being seen can never be diminished. However, it's all about being seen at the right places with the right kind of traffic that matters.

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