Why Offline marketing?

Offline marketing solutions such as TV, Outdoor and print advertising can increase brand awareness and give quick exposure to a large amount of people.

Offline Marketing Services

Millimeter Medias SEO services include often covers the whole range of search marketing strategies. It can usually be broken down into:

Media buying

Knowing your sector and the KPI's are essential in order to create the right type of media campaign and to find the best exposure. That's why one of our first questions always focus on your vision, goal and success criteria's.


Being seen in some of the leading newspapers and magazines for your sector after often a very efficient and important strategy to create brand awareness and in order to attract new customers.

TV Advertising

Many of our brands dominate not only the search engines, but also the TV screens. That's what successful brands should do. With long experience and some of the best contacts in the Scandinavian TV advertising industry, we can find the best television promotions for you.

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