Professional Search Engine Consultants

We can offer affordable SEO services on consultancy basis. But our search consultancy does not stop there. We can also provide on-page analysis, landing page advice along with web design and other new media services.

SEO consultant pricing

Even though it depends a little based on your requests, our standard rate is about £180 ($150/hour). Package deals can of course be discussed.

Anyone in need of consulting?

A good reason for having a SEO consultancy firm like us is that we can work closely with your current marketing team and develop strategies together.

Current media & SEO consultant services

Baseline Analysis

Make it easy to follow the progress & understand the requirements for optimal SEO!

Keyword Analysis

Creativity, experience and pure statistics over search volume and what competitors optimize for allow us to advise you to choose the best keywords, with the lowest competition and the highest conversion for your money.

Competitor and sector analysis

Perfect when you need more information about competitiveness and CPI in your sector.

PPC Consulting

We also offer advice with regards to pay per click and landing page optimization.

Web design and conversion

Learn what can be done to improve your conversation rate.

Need a SEO Consultant?

Send us a request and we'll come back to you with regards to prices.

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