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Online Marketing VS Offline Marketing

Regardless of which type of marketing solution you are looking for - we can probably help you. Millimeter Media can briefly advise you, free of charge, which media will give the best ROI for your sector and segment.

Online Marketing

Discover the benefits of SEO, Pay Per Click, Affiliate Marketing and Reputation Management.

Offline Marketing

Some of the most efficient solutions for brand awareness are to be found in this field, such as outdoor advertising, media buying, print and TV advertising.

History of SEO

In 1995, including relevant keywords in your copy often took you into the top of Yahoo. Submissions to Infoseek and Yahoo got you listed within hours. Bruce Clay & Danny Sullivan are two SEO-veterans.

History of marketing

Marketing in ancient Greece was often focused around shouting announcements of cattle and slaves on offer. Present forms of online marketing are more sophisticated, involving further varied communication skills.

How to spell Optimisation?

There are two ways to spell search engine optimization or simply optimization. The traditional British spelling is with ’s’ (ie: optimisation) while the American spelling is with 'z' (ie: optimization).

What is digital marketing

Digital marketing is often referred to as online marketing; a way of promoting your products in search engines and by other means online. It may be through search engine optimisation (SEO), paid search (PPC) or banner advertising.

Why does SEO matter?

Cheap and targeted traffic. High conversion if optimized the proper way. Cheaper in the long run. People use search engines more and more.

SEO and link building

How important are quality links and keywords in anchor texts? Read more about link building and how Millimeter Media can help you in our SEO section.

History of Paid Search

Already in 1998, Overture launched GoTO, a system for paid search. It took until the year 2000, before Google's Adwords was launched. After initial failure with flat CPM pricing, Google added CTR as a pricing and ranking factor (and made success).